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We Care About You.

Get the care you deserve, from professionals who are leaders in Stem Cell Therapy, PRP Therapy, Shockwave Therapy and Erectile Dysfunction… and the #1 Stem Cell Therapy Provider in Salt Lake City and Utah.



Regenerative Health

Precision Pointe Regenerative Health is a full-service orthopedic office in Utah with a focus on regenerative medicine's newest treatments, Stem Cell Therapy, PRP Therapy, Shockwave Therapy, and Erectile Dysfunction


These treatments are cutting-edge biological therapies that relieve the painful symptoms related to damaged tissue, muscle, and bone injuries that have proven resistant to typical physical therapies.

We Understand Your Pain

Our first priority is to return you to optimal health. 


The team at Precision Point Regenerative Health understand that it is especially difficult to live with injuries when pain management techniques have failed, and medications neither relieve the pain nor adequately address the root cause of the pain. 


Our goal is always to get to the root cause of the issue and use the most appropriate treatment to get you back to feeling like yourself.

Some treatments occur over a series of sessions to get the most benefit, although many patients report improvement after their first session.

We will consult with you to determine the most effective regenerative therapy for your unique circumstances. Since all of our patients are different, we don’t prescribe a one -size fits all solution. We provide individualized care based on the needs of your body.


Treatments That Work

Our patients experience a dramatic increase in their quality of life after completing treatment – many after years of living with chronic pain. This is because biological therapies are designed to help your body heal itself.

The team at Precision Point Regenerative Health has extensive knowledge from different medical modalities, a background in orthopedics and orthopedic surgery, combined with an understanding of the human body, how it functions, and how regenerative medicine can heal the bodies of our patients. They use this wealth of experience to produce excellent results.

To heal the injury that causes the pain eliminates the pain and return you to optimal health



What can stem-cell therapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy, or shockwave treatment treat?

Stem-cell therapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy, or shockwave treatment can treat a wide range of conditions.

Below you will find a list of some of the conditions that can be treated with biological therapies. For more information related specifically to your injury, get it touch with us to get started on your healing path! 

Some of the conditions that can be treated in our clinic include:
  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Back and Neck Pain, Disc Disease

  • Tendonitis, Tendon and Ligament Injuries

  • Strains and Sprains

  • Peripheral Nerve Injuries

  • Muscle Tears, Rotator Cuff Injuries/Tears

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Hair Replacement Therapy

  • Aesthetic Services (Facial)

  • Injured Tendons, Ligaments, Muscles and Joints

  • Musculoskeletal Problems 


What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a regenerative treatment that uses the patient’s own stem cells to help repair damaged tissue. We use mesenchymal stem cells which we extract from your bone marrow.   


Stem cell treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that can address an array of medical conditions, including arthritis, muscle/joint repair, traumatic injuries, and a myriad of most musculoskeletal conditions. Stem cell therapy is designed to repair damaged cells within the body by reducing inflammation and modulating the immune system returning you to optimal health.

What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy?

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) accelerates the natural healing process of injuries and most musculoskeletal issues by using the patient’s own blood, turning it into platelet rich plasma, and injecting it into the target area. 

Platelet-rich plasma is created by taking a blood sample from the patient, placing it into a centrifuge that rapidly spins the sample which separates out the other components of the blood from the platelets and concentrates them within the plasma.

PRP injections are particularly helpful for a range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Chronic tendon injuries such as tennis elbow or jumper’s knee, which can often take a long time to heal, respond well to adding PRP shots to your treatment regimen, helping to stimulate the healing process, decrease pain and enable a faster return to activities.​​


What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shock wave therapy is an innovative asset to heal musculoskeletal ailments that can remedy the root cause of your pain. It regenerates damaged tissue, improves blood circulation and accelerates the healing process.

Shockwave therapy is a highly effective procedure to treat pain with minimal risk, pain, or side effects. Each session takes between five and ten minutes depending on which area is being treated. For optimal healing results you can expect to attend between three to six sessions.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also commonly referred to as impotence or E.D., is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex. Erectile Dysfunction can strike a man at any point in his life and is extremely common. 

The team at Precision Point Regenerative Health have helped many men return to their peak performance levels. Results are exceptional. After treatment, men report restored confidence, renewed passion and connection in their relationships, and best of all… they feel like themselves again.

  • Are Your Services Covered By Insurances?
    Not yet. However, most FSA (Flex Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) plans cover it! Because it is now considered the standard of care for a growing number of Orthopedic conditions (as determined by the Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons), we do anticipate it eventually will.
  • How long will my procedure last?
    The only side effect is post-injection soreness and discomfort. After a Stem Cell procedure, the harvest site can also be sore for a few days.
  • Do stem cell and PRP injections hurt?
    Because we are unable to use local anesthesia for the injections (it is harmful to the PRP and/or Stem Cells), the injections are uncomfortable and sometimes more intense in certain areas than others.
  • Where do you get the stem cells from?
    This is obtained from YOUR OWN bone marrow! It is harvested in the office and only takes approximately 15 minutes. It is then put into a specialized machine that isolates the Stem Cells and growth factors into a syringe, which we then use for the injection/s.
  • Where do you get the PRP from?
    This is obtained from your own blood. It’s a simple blood draw, that’s it! We then put your blood into a specialized machine that isolates the PRP and growth factors into a syringe, which we then use for the injection/s.
  • What can Stem Cells be used for?
    Stem Cells are reserved for more chronic conditions and tissues that have less blood flow to them. This includes cartilage and nerves.
  • What can PRP be used for?
    PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is usually used for more vascular tissues and less chronic conditions. This includes tendons, ligaments, and muscles.
  • What's the difference between PRP and stem cells?
    PRP is platelets and growth factors derived from your blood. Stem Cells are blank cells obtained from your bone marrow that regenerate tissue.
  • What's my down time?
    Generally, there is no downtime for activities of daily living. Sometimes there will be restrictions put on more intense activity or exercise. These restrictions usually only last a few weeks to give the tissues adequate time to regenerate and heal.
  • What does my Stem Cell procedure visit include?
    Your visit includes bone marrow harvest, stem cell injection/s, followed by 6 sessions of radiofrequency shockwave treatment which aids in the healing process. Then, approximately 6-10 weeks later, a booster of PRP injections is also included.
  • What does my PRP procedure visit include?
    Your visit will include the blood draw, PRP injection/s, followed by 4 sessions of radio frequency shockwave treatment which aids in the healing process.
  • Aren’t my Stem Cells too old?
    We make stem cells in our bone marrow our whole life. Thus, as long as general health is good overall, we can get more than the adequate number of stem cells required for treatment, no matter what age you are. We have done stem cell procedures on patients from ages 25-93 with excellent results.
  • How long will it be before I’m better?
    This varies widely depending on what condition is being treated. Generally, however, our patients start to notice improvement after 2-3 weeks which continues for several months. Some patients begin feeling healing effects within the first few days.

Come see what we’re all about, and how we can help you!

The best way for you to fully grasp all of the wonderful benefits of stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and shockwave therapy is to experience it for yourself.

The trusted professionals at Precision Pointe Regenerative Health are here to answer any questions you have about the efficacy of each procedure, and the outcomes you can expect for your individual circumstances.

Most of our patients report a dramatic reduction in pain, which leads to a better quality of life. They are able to get back to the person they were before the injury got in their way. 

If you want to experience a life free of pain and feel like you have tried absolutely everything, give biological regenerative therapies a try! 


Let Us Help

Book an appointment today to discuss how stem-cell therapy, PRP therapy, or shockwave treatment can help you become pain-free and get you back to optimal health.

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